Founded in 2016, Benjamin-David Group (BDG) is a Montreal-based consulting firm that focuses on performance marketing strategies; driving customer acquisition, engagement and retention. We are fast and agile - creating solutions that blend creativity with results.

Our core channels focus on covering the entire customer journey: Paid Media, Content, CRM, Website Performance & Branding.

BDG serves a variety of industries, including Fintech, SaaS, Hospitality and Retail. We support newly-funded startups in need of effective strategies to be built from the ground up. And we apply our specialized skill-set to help innovate established enterprises, at any stage of their development.

Through these avenues, BDG continues to seek out and evaluate new partnerships and investment opportunities with the goal of being our clients’ elite growth partners.


As a paid media manager for BDG, you’ll have the opportunity to play an integral role in helping shape the direction, performance and results of our clients.

We’re looking for a Marketer who is business-orientated, who is committed to growth & performance, confident, collaborative, knowledgeable, entrepreneurial and genuine (yes, our values!).

The candidate will work closely with our leadership team in measuring and analyzing the performance of BDG clients; evaluating the industry, competition and market trends to set short, medium and long-term goals.

    Day-to-Day Responsibilities:

    • Determine, build and manage the best digital media outlet mix for growth strategies to maximize ROAS;
    • Perform thorough data analysis to optimize campaign performance;
    • Ensure a cohesive advertising message across all campaigns;
    • Work alongside the creative teams in preparing the right campaign messaging;
    • Stay a subject matter specialist by constantly keeping yourself informed of digital marketing trends and best practices;
    • Generate detailed campaign performance reports, provide actionable insights and interpretations of the results to deliver value and growth to our clients;
    • Present paid media campaigns strategies and results to clients;
    • Participate in preparing business development materials and proposals based on client objective and budget;
    • Manage a team of freelancers/contractors to collaborate on campaign planning and execution;


    • Demonstrates critical and independent thinking competence;
    • Intellectual curiosity and on the lookout for updates in digital marketing;
    • Exceptional time management;
    • Impeccable organizational skills;
    • Strong sense of writing with style;
    • Basic understanding of quantitative research design and methodology;
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills;